As you will now be aware the Loafer Co Kickstarter project was unsuccessful and didn’t reach its funding goal. We are of course disappointed however a lot of good has come out of the experience. We learned a lot in 32 days!

Loafer CO gadget show stand 2013

Firstly a huge thank you to all of you Backers and thank you for the many messages of support.

We have started to build a great community and we know you want to see Loafer Co products landing at your door as much as we do.

Hopefully you will be pleased to know this is the beginning of a new plan for Loafer Co. We love the iPad bags and the longer term plan is to self fund the purchase of these. I have outlined below how we intend to get to that point.

The Plan

Step 1 – The new website is online now

We have a very limited number of Loafer Co T-Shirts in a choice of print finish and colour, for Men and Women. This is now our first retail product line!

Step 2 – We are starting preparation for our next Kickstarter project, taking the positives from our first experience and also what we learned in the process.

In January we will launch (subject to Kickstarter approval) the Loafer Co ‘Slim Wallet’ Kickstarter project. The product development is almost finished and we should have finished quality samples during December. Previous backers will get an exclusive project preview late December, but I can tell you our signature branding and purple will be featured.

Step 3 – We will re-invest the profits from the T-Shirt sales and the January Kickstarter project and order the iPad bags.

As always we would welcome your feedback and comments on our planned way forward. We have learned so much so far from listening to our future customers’ and backers’ feedback and we would like to thank you again for your support and encouragement. Please feel free to email me


Loafer Co