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Welcome to LoaferCo

We are driven by our obsession to make quality original accessories that add too and simplify your life.

Starting with our designs our vision is always to provide you with the ‘best of it’s kind’ with all of our ranges. Our passion is born from years of searching for better accessories, simple iconic designs you will treasure.

As you may have noticed from our website we currently have T-Shirts on sale, we had these produced when we launched the business 12 months ago. We have decided to focus 100% of our efforts on producing accessories going forward.

We are launching our first accessory the SLIM WALLET this July 2014 exclusively on Kickstarter and hope this will be the first of many great products. Currently we also have designs for a luxury travel wallet, classic leather belt and ‘The Ultimate Tablet and travel bag. With your support the Kickstarter project will help us bring you these great products and truly start our brand.